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Investing In Science To Focus On Innovation

The acting assistant secretary of defense for research and engineering said that to meet the Defense Department’s 21st century security objectives, its science and technology funding will focus on innovation and industry.

CybersecurityIn remarks at the National Defense Industrial Association’s 14th annual science and engineering technology conference, Alan Shaffer said mitigation, affordability and surprise technology lay the foundation for the DOD’s science and technology commitments.

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Budgeting with Uncertainty

With an uncertain federal budget, sequestration looming on the horizon, and an end to the Continuing Appropriations Resolution, recipients of federal funds have a difficult task of determining scope of work and bugetary allocations for the coming year. The American Institute of Physics : The AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News #6 broadcast Department of Defense internal communications focused on internal policy preparation given the uncertain financial circumstances regarding federal funds. The Office of Budget and Management provided some response for agency leadership on how to reamin flexible and prepared, available from the American Institute of Physics: The AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News #7.

Read more at American Institute of Physics: FYI #7: The AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News – OMB Issues Memo on FY 2013 Budget Uncertainty and FYI #6: ” A Perfect Storm of Budget Uncertainty”: DOD Responds to Budget Impasse.