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Energy Department Launches Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative

Last week, the Energy Department launched the Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative (CEMI), a new effort focused on growing American manufacturing of clean energy products and boosting U.S. manufacturing competitiveness through major improvements in energy productivity.
The CEMI’s investments include the recently announced SunShot Solar Manufacturing Technology (SolarMat) program, a $15 million funding opportunity to reduce the manufacturing costs of solar energy technologies and demonstrate cost-competitive, innovative manufacturing technologies that can achieve commercial production in the next few years.

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Federally Funded R&D Centers Spend $17.8 Billion on R&D in FY 2011

The nation’s 40 federally funded R&D centers (FFRDCs) spent $17.8 billion on research and development in FY 2011, according to data from the National Science Foundation (NSF).[2] Just over $850 million of the total was supplied by funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009.

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Global Food Industry Leaders Say Continual Innovation is Urgently Needed to Reduce Pressures on Price and Food Supply

CropWorld Global 2013, the annual agricultural industry event run by UBM Live, will focus exclusively on helping the industry to innovate – through its ‘planting the seeds of innovation’ campaign. The new approach better reflects macroeconomic factors and follows the commissioning of extensive research and the results of recommendations taken from the leaders of the world’s largest crop producers and influential bodies – including Bayer Crop Sciences, DuPont Crop Protection, Unilever, Lindsay Irrigation and the Food and Environment Research Agency.

The independently commissioned research indicated that leading companies in the crop production market are refocusing business objectives towards innovation in crop science, water management and the supply chain so that globally the industry can address the challenges of sustainable food supply both now and in the future.

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Program to offer unique semester

Sick of cookie-cutter syllabi? The Flipped Semester is ready to serve Michigan
students who have a knack for the unconventional.

The Flipped Semester is a proposed program unique to the University that would allow students to take part in self-directed entrepreneurial projects while earning nine academic credits.

The program was proposed by a group of students within the Entrepreneurship Commission of the Central Student Government. Currently, they are trying to measure and build student interest for the program, while simultaneously working to gain approval from University administrators.

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Future Soldiers Will Have Flexible Electronics Everywhere

More than 10 years ago, U.S. Army researchers saw potential in flexible displays. With nothing in the marketplace, the Army decided to change that by partnering with industry and academia to create the Flexible Display Center at Arizona State University.

The Army’s goal was to get this amazing technology into the hands of soldiers.

The Army established a research center with industry and universities in 2004. Fast forward nine years. Teams of researchers have scored significant breakthroughs and racked up more than 50 patents. The original goal of the program may soon be met.

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