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ASU strategic research initiative.

DARPA Technology

A recent presentation by DARPA director Arati Prabhakar provides insight into what kind of research DARPA is interested in and how it is used by the warfighter.


Energy Department Launches Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative

Last week, the Energy Department launched the Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative (CEMI), a new effort focused on growing American manufacturing of clean energy products and boosting U.S. manufacturing competitiveness through major improvements in energy productivity.
The CEMI’s investments include the recently announced SunShot Solar Manufacturing Technology (SolarMat) program, a $15 million funding opportunity to reduce the manufacturing costs of solar energy technologies and demonstrate cost-competitive, innovative manufacturing technologies that can achieve commercial production in the next few years.

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Priorities of Science Committee Republicans on DOE Science, NASA, NIST, NOAA, and NSF

A good indicator of the views of House Science Committee Republicans on the Department of Energy’s Office of Science, NASA, National Institute of Standards and Technology, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and National Science Foundation can be found in a eight-page document submitted to the House Budget Committee. “Views and Estimates; Committee on Science, Space and Technology; Fiscal Year 2014” provides insight into the positions of twenty of the twenty-one committee Republicans on these agencies and the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Transportation.


Search for Substitutes

Growing scarcity and the cost of accessing domestic natural materials instigated the creation of the new Energy Innovation Hub – the Critical Materials Institutes (CMI). CMI was initiated by the Department of Energy and is comprised of public-private partnerships, including collaborations with academic partnerships. CMI is focused on discovering substitutes for rare earth materials.

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White House Releases Report on Advanced Manufacturing

The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology submitted a Report to the President on Capturing Domestic Competitive Advantage in Advanced Manufacturing.  The report was prepared by the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP) Steering Committee chaired by Susan Hockfield, President of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Andrew Liveris, President, Chairman and CEO of Dow Chemical Company.  It builds on a previous report,“Ensuring American Leadership in Advanced Manufacturing.”  The Capturing Domestic Competitive Advantage in Advanced Manufacturing report describes the current state of US manufacturing, articulates the role of manufacturing in producing US jobs, and identifies policy recommendations intended to help strengthen US manufacturing.

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