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How the NSF allocates billions of federal dollars to top universities

This rather provocative title heads an analysis from outside the foundation by The Sunlight Foundation, a non-profit advocacy group which promotes open access to government data and increased transparency and accountability of political and regulatory processes.

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Significant Sequestration Science and Research Budget Cuts Outlined

The Obama Administration released today its much awaited report outlining how it plans to implement the pending sequestration cuts.  The report was requested by Congress.  It had been originally expected last week.   Below is from the CGA highlighting some of the cuts in areas of interest if sequestration is implemented.

  • Sequestration Report Confirms Potentially Large Cuts to Science and Education

An initial analysis of the sequestration report released by the Administration earlier today (see CGA NEWS (9-14-12)) confirms that the potential cuts to agencies and programs of great interest to the scientific and higher education communities could reach into the billions.

Examples of potential cuts include:

  • Department      of Education– $153 million from the “higher education” account
  • National      Institutes of Health (NIH)– $2.53 billion
  • National      Science Foundation (NSF):
  • Research and Related Accounts (R&RA):  $469 million
  • Education and Human Resources (EHR):  $76 million
  • Major Research Equipment:  $14 million
  • Army research, development, technology and evaluation (RDT&E):  $954 million
  • Navy RDT&E:  $1.78 billion
  • Air Force RDT&E:  $2.72 billion
  • Defense-wide RDT&E:  $2.01 billion
  • Science:  $417 million
  • Aeronautics:  $47 million
  • Education:  $11 million
  • Extension:  $39 million
  • Research and Education:  $58 million
  • Integrated Activities:  $2 million
  • Defense:
  • Department      of Energy (DOE)– $400 million from Science
  • NASA:
  • National      Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA):
  • National      Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)– $257 million from Research
  • National      Institute of Science and Technology (NIST)– $47 million from science and      technology
  • Environmental      Protection Agency (EPA)– $65 million from science and technology
  • National      Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)– $12 million
  • U.S.      Geological Survey (USGS)– $88 million from research

NSF Announces Program Office Realignment

The National Science Foundation announced plans to realign four program offices in the Office of the Director. The proposed organizational changes include:

– The Office of Cyberinfrastructure would become a division within the Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering.

– The Office of Polar Programs would become a division within the Directorate for Geosciences.

– The Office of International Science and Engineering would be merged with the Office of Integrative Activities, and the combined unit would become the Office of International and Integrative Activities.

Pending fulfillment of any statutory or other obligations, the transition to the realigned organization would begin October 1, 2012.

The official press release may be read by clicking here.